Michele Lepore

Holistic Heath Practitioner

Michele was born and raised in Altoona, PA. She graduated from Penn State University in 1998 with a degree in Human Development. She later continued her education by returning to school at the Int’l Institute of Natural Wellness Education to obtain certification as a Traditional Naturopath.

She is a certified Zyto Scan Specialist and Bach Flower Specialist and is certified in AromaTouch Therapy and Muscle Response Testing. She regularly furthers her education by attending 2-3 professional training conferences each year.

Michele has trained under the mentorship of experienced Naturopathic Doctors in the area and has been seeing clients for the past 3 years. She is having much success in helping clients who suffer from a wide array of issues…. from gastrointestinal issues to diabetes, auto-immune issues and cancers. She specializes in the treatment of Lyme Disease, as that was something she had suffered with for many years.

She utilizes testing techniques, such as, the Zyto hand scan, muscle testing and face & nail analysis to see what is out of balance in the body & makes recommendations, such as, nutrition, supplementation & exercise to put the body back into balance.

Zyto Scan  Altoona, PA

Supplements & Vitamins

Welcome to Traficante Family Chiropractic, where we are committed to supporting your optimal health through comprehensive care. As part of our holistic approach, we recognize the importance of proper nutrition and the role that supplements and vitamins can play in enhancing your well-being. Our clinic offers a carefully curated selection of high-quality supplements and vitamins that are specifically chosen to meet your individual needs. Whether you require immune support, joint health, stress management, or overall vitality, our knowledgeable team will guide you in selecting the right supplements and vitamins to support your wellness goals.

We prioritize evidence-based products from trusted brands, ensuring that you receive the highest standards of quality and efficacy. At Traficante Family Chiropractic, we believe that a holistic approach to health includes proper supplementation, and we are here to help you optimize your nutrition for a healthier, happier life.

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Zyto Scan  Altoona, PA

Zyto Scan

Welcome to Traficante Family Chiropractic, where we prioritize your health and well-being. At our clinic, we offer a wide range of holistic services, and one of our key offerings is the revolutionary Zyto Scan. Using cutting-edge technology, the Zyto Scan allows us to gain deeper insights into your body’s unique needs and imbalances. This non-invasive and painless scan uses biofeedback to assess your body’s responses to various stimuli, providing valuable information about your health and helping us tailor our treatments specifically to your individual requirements.

With the Zyto Scan, we can uncover underlying issues, address them effectively, and work towards restoring your overall health and vitality. Trust Traficante Family Chiropractic to provide you with exceptional care and personalized solutions through the innovative Zyto Scan.

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